One of the most amazing, uplifting and life changing experiences you might ever have! This is TheHundred©!

A 100 days long program which is carefully designed to transform you from a regular exercising person, to an extraordinary fitness enthusiast!

The program has it all: hardcore weight lifting , intense cardio sessions , personalized nutrition plan for each of the participants , live heart rate monitoring during workouts, continuous education through lectures and workshops and most of all 24/7 live support from Day 1 to Day 100 !

TheHundred© starts always on the last week of January and ends 100 calendar Days later. On registration at the program you will get your own TheHundred© logbook and also 2 TheHundred© trainee t-shirts. You also get an exclusive email account and phone number by which you can contact the program’s Head Coach for anything that you want to ask or need help with.

On completion of the program you will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment and your own unique and original TheHundred © T-shirt that you will be able to wear it with proud. If you manage to reach that Day it will also mean that you won a great fight against yourself and everything that was holding you back. You will be a new, fitter , stronger , healthier person !

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100 DAYS
TheHundred© starts always on the last week of January and it lasts for 100 calendar days. It consists of exercising 4 and 5 times per week .During the program each of the participants is following a special , custom made nutrition plan prepared from the program’s nutritionist.
TheHundred© is a very demanding program. Physically, as every workout will push you to your limits ,getting stronger day by day. Emotionally as you will have to be focused on your targets and determined to reach them.
TheHundred© is a program which is designed to deliver results. Whether the target is weight loss , fat burn ,gain muscle mass or overall fitness , TheHundred© will deliver. The more effort you do the more results you will get.

‘The Hundred’ has truly changed my life! It’s a challenging fitness program specifically designed to change your body and lifestyle…and this is exactly what it does! My energy level has reached a high! I am more fit and toned than I have EVER been!…and I can no longer imagine fitness and healthy dieting not being an integral part of my life! Sincere thanks to Marinos!

Nancy Siciliano, Age 47

HUNDRED days of nutrition and intensive workout.
It was challenging, hard and exhausting. Would I do it again?
One HUNDRED per cent YES!
It was a tight program with specialized workout and training under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Hundred who kept motivating us to continue.
The hundred days workout program really works. I managed to reach all my goals• reshape my body, gain strength, reduce body fat increase my metabolism and energy, even though I was not always dedicated to my nutrition plan.
Negative: had to buy new clothes that cost me more than the hundred program.

Michalis Poliviou, 27years old

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